All pictures taken by Chef B.Agolli during food preparation and servings on different ocations.
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"Making food or preparing it, is just like creating a love symphony. There should be a chords harmony, a story, beginning and always a happy ending. Combining all these items well, is most important thing for me. I always aim to satisfy our customer's eyes, taste and their senses.

From Italian and French cuisine to Middle Eastern, Turkish and Albanian there is a whole range of the food variety. Each cuisine has it's own specialties, it's own magical flavors that only those who love them can reach into it, feel them and taste them on a magical way.

Making food is also same as making a art work. You can create shapes, add colors, create textures and connect them with secret chef sauces and finally serve it to our respectful guests. What makes me happy, is the smile in our guests faces after the dinner, showing a grate enjoinment and satisfaction with the food they just had.

Making food is my passion and my biggest challenge every single day."
  1. Agolli
Our long experience in making foods plays a huge role on or services that we offer.

Special Dinner preparation
If you may have a special guest coming and you want to prepare something excellent without going over your budget, than this is our call. We will prepare for you most delicious plates for all courses and satisfy your guests with food like never before. Contact us for a free consultation.

Special Event food preparation and servings
You are getting married or engaged and you don't know what to do and how? Contact us and we will give you the best ideas ever, best recipes and best presentation/serving. You will be amazed what we have to offer. Check our Event page to see some special events where we were responsible for food preparation and serving.

Parties, Birthdays and other events.
Contact us for free consultation. We are more than happy to help you.
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